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The Runway went to Paris! How amazing was that?!

Sucks to be Angela...bitch gets off the plane, then is kicked off the show. Eh, I didn't like her anyway.

And I was realizing today how much I miss last season's cast. I was madly in love with Daniel V. Chloe, Nick, Santino and Andrae were all really good designers and I loved watching them.

And this season? I don't give a rat's ass about anyone. Kayne is flaming, but not in a good way and his clothes are campy. Uli rocks, but I don't feel attached to her the way I usually feel with my favorite designers. I hate Jeffrey and Laura. Michael's okay, but I wouldn't be disappointed if he got kicked off. I'm HOPING that Vincent leaves soon...he's obnoxious. That leaves me with NO ONE.

At this point, I'm watching exclusively for the clothes and Tim Gunn. Who I adore more than Daniel V...if you can believe that. Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Heidi Klum are also old friends that are nice to see every week.

In other words: This season needs to end so season four can start with a fresh new batch of hot designers!

I love The Runway.

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