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If there's anyone at home at your place darling, why don't you let me in...?

The more I get to know my TiVo service, the more I love it.

Okay...let's start with the necessities...

I'm in Orlando.
I'm moved in.
My stuff is unpacked and (mostly) put away.
Electronics are in (almost) working order.
Life is getting underway.

I have pens, pencils, and notebooks. I've ordered my new parking pass. I've changed my address for Netflix.

The only thing I really have left to do is buy books. And the bookstore is closed Sunday, so it will have to wait. Besides, tomorrow is a Disney day with Emily and Tom. (Yay! I haven't been in over 4 months!!!) But I did learn that the bookstore takes American Express, so I know I will be able to pay for said textbooks. (Student loan check still has not arrived.)

Back to TiVo...I purchased the TiVo wireless adapter. It's kinda unnecessary because any USB adapter would work, but it was on sale at Best Buy anyhow, so I figured it would be easier to just use the corresponding brands...or whatever. And I had a Best Buy gift card, so it was cheaper for me. Anyway...enough justifying of the purchase. The hook-up couldn't have been easier and now I don't need to worry about not having a phone line! And I don't have a 25' ethernet cable running the parameter of my room.

That's not the cool part though. I was on the TiVo website (because it kind of rocks...check it out sometime) and there's an uber cool thing called "TiVoToGo" which allows you to transfer the recordings from the TiVo box to a personal computer, either via a USB connection, or a wireless connection. From there, one can burn DVDs of favorite shows or (and here's the REALLY COOL PART) put the recordings on portable devices, such as the PSP, iPod video, or Palm Treo. Fuck downloading TV shows for $1.99 from iTunes Music can just put it on your iPod for free and watch "Grey's Anatomy" during class.


Alright. Enough from me for now.

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