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Alright, so I was on and besides Snakes on a Plane and Accepted, another film is opening today and the blurb made me go "huh." It is The Illusionist and the synopsis is as follows:

A master magician named Eisenheim (Edward Norton) vies with Crown Prince Leopold of Vienna (Rufus Sewell) for the hand of Sophie (Jessica Biel), the woman he once loved. He brings his considerable powers to bear on the prince, as she is about to be named royal fiancee. However, a police inspector named Uhl (Paul Giamatti) tries to warn Eisenheim that he is playing a very dangerous game.

Interesting cast, though my first thought was "can any of them do a Viennese accent?" Generally, I hate when any movie set in Europe just features actors using a British accent. Neither French accents nor Italian accents sound like British accents (it's one of my pseudo-irrational pet peeves). So I figure, if they aren't using authentic accents, they might fall back on British...which I think I'd be willing to overlook, just because I can't really see Edward Norton, Paul Giamatti or Jessica Biel even using a British accent. These are fairly American actors with American accents.

Then I watched the trailer ( and while the accents seemed slightly inconsistent, it is certainly beautifully shot and the costumes/make-up are super sweet. And the Apple synopsis claims: "A supernatural mystery that combines romance, politics and magic, The Illusionist is the latest film from the producers of the Oscar winners Crash and Sideways. The film stars Academy Award nominees Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti as two men pitted against each other in a battle of wits."

Supernatural and a battle of wits. Sign me up!

Sadly, however, it is not playing near me here in Florida, but perhaps next week.


In other news, it's Robert Redford's birthday. *swoon*

And the IMDb daily poll has made me realize that William H. Macy is the best actor of all time. I mean...check out all the movies he's done! I didn't even remember he was in some of Mr. Holland's Opus, Air Force One, Boogie Nights or Wag the Dog. Rock on, William H. Macy. I voted for Fargo, of course.


Now it is breakfast time...then I will be unpacking all of my belongings and repacking only what is coming with me to Orlando tomorrow.

Then later, Mommy and I will be going school supply shopping. I love new school supplies. I wish I had need of a new box of crayons or fresh, bold markers. But alas, I think I will limit myself to pens, pencils, and notebooks.

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