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You've come a long way from whiskey and cocaine...

Alright, so it's been a while...but this week was pseudo successful.

I have recently seen many movies including Little Miss Sunshine and Clerks II. The former was really good, the latter was good if you like Kevin Smith films. Nice cameos by Ben Affleck, Kevin Weisman, and Jason Lee.

I've seen some cool people this week as well, including (but not limited to) Zoe, Candace, Jason, Laura, Johnson, Nikki, Pat, Eric, Amanda. So that's been sweet, because most of those people I haven't been seeing every day, all summer.. Gatherings are occasionally too big for my taste, but that's okay.

Lately, I spent some time with family. Wednesday night, we had a family dinner out, then yesterday my sister, Fayanne, came into town and she and I went shopping in the afternoon. For dinner, the siblings decided to go to Famous Dave's. A small group of 8, because Mom and Dad were at dinner with Daddy's family.

Today, I have my cousin's sons' birthday party. But not until 6, which seems incredibly late to me...but whatever. I have plans to duck out around 8:30, so I can chill with Deerfield folk again...assuming something is going on. If not, I guess we can always loiter in public places...again.

In less factual news, I had a very odd dream last night, in which almost everyone I ever knew in high school came to my sister's house for some sort of garden party. So it was like a massive reunion and people I liked kept coming up and giving me hugs and chatting and not only did I feel uber popular and loved, but it was super sweet seeing exciting people. Then I woke up and there was no party for Gail and she was not at the center of attention, and it was life as usual. Which is sad and not special.

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