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And I couldn't help her, I just watched her make the same mistakes again...

So life is slowly crumbling again...but this time I'm a little more on the outside.

Chances are, my sister is selling the house.

Dave and Katie told me today that I can stay in their basement winter break and next summer, if needed. But then I definitely couldn't stay out late...because coming in late would make the dogs crazy and the dogs would wake up the baby, and things would get crazy, and I'd have no social life, so what's the point of being in the area anyway?

There is other badness involved as well, and perhaps it's selfish for me to feel shitty about how all of it affects my life, but it has that strange feeling of déjà-vu like when we sold the house in Deerfield. And I had to take a semester off of school because I couldn't cope with all the stress. I don't like the direction this is going...


In other news, I'm trying to get in hanging with friends before I leave in two weeks. Tentative plans include:
Monday (31st): Ravinia with folks
Thursday (3rd): NU musical/hanging with boys
Saturday (5th): Renaissance Faire
Sunday (6th): Pick up Zoe from train station and...?

Saturday (12th): Family time - cousins's birthday party
Sunday (13th): Family time - baby shower

Non-specified days are most likely open. Book me while I'm available!

Also, invitations to all events (other than family gatherings) are possible. For details, inquire within.


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