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Dear Mom and Dad, please send money. I'm so broke that it ain't funny...

I had another dream about my soon-to-be-born niece...she was adorable, of course. But I decided to check possible flights back here for the weekend after her due date. Not so good. Into O'Hare is $195, but Milwaukee (which is now more convenient) is $220.

Maybe there will be last minute deals I can check out after Samantha has actually been born. I guess it's too early to plan for that.

Also, next summer, I think I'm going to try to find an apartment with a short (4 month) lease, or a summer sublet through something ( is an option I checked out). If my sister moves to Florida, my commute to work would be 10 miles longer, and since it takes me over an hour as it is, the extra milage would probably be a 1:15 commute. Plus, I'd be imposing on my brother and sister-in-law who will have a new baby.

If you know of anyone within 15 miles of Deerfield who has an apartment s/he won't be using from May through August next summer, let me know.

Some people would ask why I don't just stay in Florida or find a job closer to the place I'll be living. First, there isn't a job in the world that will pay me more than the Park District that doesn't involve wearing "business casual." It is my current plan to never work in an office. Second, I get to work with kids and be outside. It's a pain in the ass a lot of the time, but if I didn't love it, I wouldn't still be doing it. Third, I will most likely be in a position of some authority next year, which totally excites me. I will be earning more money, running a site, and in a position in which I can thrive (I'm imagining stage managing as an equivalent). It's going to rock. Besides, as a fourth, I really don't like Florida that much and don't want to live there. But if my sister moves down, then a majority of good family will be there, versus my brother who will still be in the much-greater-Chicagoland area. Of course, all of my friends are still around here. And I don't know if I can live without them.

Alright, I have to change clothes and head down to Nikki's. A bunch of us are seeing the Neo-Futurists (which sounds like a cult to me, but is apparently sketch comedy) downtown. So yay. Hopefully the $20 I have will be enough to cover dinner and the show. Otherwise I might have to eat cheaply and skip out on alcohol. AHAHAHAHAHA. Nah, I'd just put it on debit. ;-)

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