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Open up your plans and, damn, you're free. Look into your heart and you'll find love...

So after this morning's small conniption, I went out into the world of commerce to do things that I was dreading...making returns.

First up, Target. I took back two pairs of shorts that I got for work, but had yet to wear. (If I haven't worn them in the first 6 weeks of camp, it's doubtful that they will be necessary in the last 2 weeks.) I had the receipt and the tags were all still on. It was quick, painless, and almost enjoyable. The refund is going directly onto mommy's credit card, and thus the peasants rejoiced.

Next, the Gap. I was slightly nervous about this one, because I had ordered jeans online during their kick-ass sale...and then all four pairs were too big. I could have sent them back through the mail, but that would have involved going to the post office and paying for the return. Yes. The stores accept returns for free, however, but I was still anxious that something would go wrong because online and in-store don't always coincide well. But joy of joys! Everything went smoothly and $116.83 is being refunded on my credit card. This deserves a w00t.

Feeling lovely from the ease of both dreadful tasks, I bought some wrapping paper and bows at Hallmark for my sister-in-law's bridal shower gifts, then hung around Barnes & Noble for a while. Things were good and relaxing, and the only stop I had left was Sports Authority for new work socks. I checked the times for Pirates at Showplace (because when near a $4.50 cinema...) and the time was PERFECT! But I decided that a fifth viewing (while necessary) was not in the cards for that day. I didn't want to spend that much more time in Vernon Hills and really...I want to see it with people.

So I was about to head home when I remembered that there was a new Old Navy near the Home Depot, and drove over to check it out. Whenever I'm looking for clothes, I can never seem to find anything, so when I was merely browsing the aisles and picking up some quality pieces...I got excited. I wasn't really in the mood to buy a lot of $$$ worth of clothing, but after my major failure with the Gap jeans, and the fact that I currently only have one pair of jeans that I've been wearing nearly daily and washing every three...I decided it was worth it. Besides, I was getting the refund on my Gap order, so it was almost perfect. I bought three pairs of jeans (yay!), two zip hoodies (one basic black to replace mine that is fading something terrible), and one pullover. $150 was not entirely in the cards for today's spending, but when life hands you good clothes, you don't refuse.

So I'm already feeling good about getting new jeans, about the returns going flawlessly, about checking off things that have been on my to-do list for a while, when I start driving home. The tollway backs up and I ditch out to take some back roads. I was hungry, because I had a late breakfast, but I didn't want a full lunch, especially because Daddy likes eating dinner early. So I didn't want a lot of food, but I wanted something fast and cheap. I had decided on getting a cheeseburger (no fries) and a diet Coke from McDonalds. Fattening, but not terrible, and not a lot of food. I wasn't entirely happy with the decision, but I needed a snack-ish type lunch.

AND THEN! As though via divine intervention, when I pulled up to the drive-thru menu I notice a new item called the "Snack Wrap." One Chicken Selects strip, in a tortilla, with lettuce, cheese, and ranch dressing. Small, snack sized and looking tasty. I take the chance and order it, and oh my god. It was amazing. It tasted great, was just the right size, was more on the "cool" side than a hot burger, and most likely much healthier. I think karma was smiling down on me. Fabulous.

I don't know if it's been widely released yet, or if the Gurnee McDonalds is some sort of test site, but I highly recommend the Snack Wrap when it comes around to the McD's near you.


Enough about shopping and food. I'm chilling around, doing laundry, and watching TV/movies for the rest of the day.

What are you up to this Sunday?

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