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What have we gained from all this, was it worth the lie...?


I am pseudo-working on applying for a student loan for the fall. Unlike the past two years, I decided I would try to fill out the FAFSA and see what kind of aid the government will give me (now that mommy is unemployed, we have half the income as before, and thus might qualify for more than $2500).

However, I have quickly realized that the government really doesn't want to give anyone money and so they make it as fucking difficult as possible.

I haven't even gotten to the loan part. I'm just trying to get my stupid PIN, for which I must change my address, which is an entirely different hassle. Once I've figured that out, then I can have the resend my PIN. And eventually I might get to apply for an actual loan.

This fucking sucks.

And thus, I might just apply for another private loan through my bank which is a) easy, b) fast, and c) allows me to borrow more than the cost of education (because college has more costs than just classes...who knew?).



In other news, it was a good weekend. Friday night, a bunch of us were at Caitlin's, which was quite excellent. Then last night I hung out with Pat, Nikki, and Eric. Excellent as well.

Today, I'm going to Target in Gurnee, then heading to Vernon Hills to hit the Gap (returning stuff, hopefully) and possibly Sportmart (for socks), Hallmark (for baby shower wrapping paper), and Barnes & Noble (for the hell of it).

Wish me luck. I may need it.

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