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Candace is my new favorite person ever, because she was kind enough to let me crash on her couch last night after our small gathering. This meant that instead of getting up at 6:45am, I could sleep until 8:15am.

Damn, I miss a 5 minute commute.

In other news, I bought She's the Man, Bend it Like Beckham, and Some Like It Hot today. Two involve soccer. Two involve cross-dressing. All are fun!

And it got me thinking. I miss the days of Hollywood having only one target audience. While niche markets are nice, and catering toward specific likes can be good, I think it overall cut down on the quality of films. Think of it like this...a romantic comedy will reach its intended audience and those people will be so excited for it and will see it, regardless of the fact that the plot, characters, situations are undoubtedly very similar (if not the exact same). If you look at films from pre-1965, they needed to reach a mass audience, but were not all cookie-cutter images of each other. Each was unique and at least somewhat family friendly (though they pushed the envelope). Even "Gene Kelly musicals" had something different to offer each time, a new social commentary, rather than the same old "Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan romantic comedies" which blend together in plot and purpose, and are distinguishable only by era created and amount of camp within. Movies today that are marketed toward the masses tend to be dull, bland, unsatisfactory, and a waste of time. What happened? I think the biggest problem is that they are trying to please everyone (and in turn, pleasing no one). It seems that only blockbusters reach the masses, and those have very little room for actual content when competing with high-speed car chases (or impressive battle sequences, for period pieces), massive explosions, bankable actors, and some sort of sex appeal. It's all a formula, instead of trying to create an interesting premise, with substantial raison d'etre, while being something that everyone from teenage boys to gray haired women want to see. I guess it's too hard. Perhaps audiences don't want a throw back to the golden age of cinema and instead are happy with their highly American niche-marketed movies.

That said, I'm feeling rather pretentious. Meh, I'm going to enjoy Some Like It Hot...a film with humor, sex appeal, unique premise, and the ability to reach out to more than one demographic.

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