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Obligatory entry before bed....

Well, it's sort of a self-imposed obligation, but I can't just not. Weird, I know, but I'm quite the quarky chick.

Went to dinner tonight with parents, Zoe and Ci. Kinda disappointing, because they were out of the soup I wanted, and the ravioli wasn't superb. Damn, I forgot my leftovers in Ci's fridge. Feel free to eat it for lunch sometime this week, I don't think I'll bother picking it up.

Ci and I then went back to her apartment to watch Young Guns. It was...eighties...trying to be western...using hot guys and sex appeal to draw an audience...and it worked. I enjoy Keifer Sutherland (sp?), and *adore* Charlie Sheen. It seems I'm always into the druggies. Charlie, Ben Affleck, and Robert Downey Jr. *sigh* The good ones are always high.

I'm sure there's a reason for that. Ya know, making it impossible for me to ever find someone, because I make my own excuses for why it wouldn't work. Drugs, marriage, the hair is wrong. Oh well, I'm still young. I have time to find the man of my dreams. HA!

Alright, I no longer feel like writing, so I shall go crash. I need some sleep....bad. Goodnight sweet world!

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