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I haven't posted in a while, so bear with me as I catch you up.

Work on Monday and Tuesday were the worst days of camp in my entire four years of experience. None of the counselors were helping me, I was essentially running it on my own, and are kids are a challenge (to say the least) as it is. Camp is supposed to be fun, but I was on the verge of tears at the end of the day when I was discussing with my site directors how we could make things better. Thankfully, they too see that things are just not right and that it is far too stressful than it should be for them as well. As an added measure, I decided to get Starbucks every morning for the rest of the week.

Wednesday was slightly better, partially due to my Venti white mocha, but also because we tried to impliment getting counselors involved, merely as supervisors. During art, for instance, when they used to sit around and make their own projects, or be sitting together in a clump and doing something unrelated to the task at hand, they were all walking around the room and assisting kids with problems, or whatever. Like they should be. Like they are getting paid to be.

Then Thursday, we started using a detailed sign-up sheet of responsibilities, wherein specific tasks are assigned to counselors: pick-up/drop-off, leading morning songs, leading stations, art set-up/clean-up, morning bathroom attendant, afternoon bathroom attendant, snack, locker room supervisor. We had hopes that with a stricter schedule in which each counselor knows his/her job and the times they are to do said job (we instated a "the camp is outside playing in the field by 10am every morning" rule as well), perhaps the counselors would be able to do their jobs.

Indeed, it worked and Thursday was like a breeze. Friday, we got rid of bathroom attendant positions (though I protested because I thought it improved the day a lot to not have three counselors out of the room at the same time...which happens daily). But still, the day went fairly well and I no longer wanted to demand the paychecks of my 8 co-workers (well, I wasn't as justified, but I still deserved double my salary).

Anyway, Friday was indeed payday, so now I have some extra cash, though much of it will be going toward credit card debt. I also have plans to buy some necessities at Target, and some not-so-necessities at Best Buy (mmm...Bend it Like Beckham). It is the weekend and I shall enjoy.


That was the "ugly" portion of this post. Now onto the "good" part...

Yesterday, I watched the following:
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - decent. Fairly well-done. A good segue to Good Night, and Good Luck. for George Clooney.
In America - I cried for the last hour of the 1:40 film...very cathartic, but good. Excellent child actors...they are hard to find.
"Psych" - excellent pilot. Loving the characters. I hope Dulé Hill grows a pair and stops being so whiny. The second one TiVo'ed last night, so I'll have to watch it today.
Shallow Grave - While watching, I became acutely aware of the fact that I think I'd seen it before...probably around 1997, when we discovered Trainspotting and were watching some really "what the fuck?" movies...mostly under Nikki's influence. It was alright, mostly predictable, but fun to watch people go mad!

And, today I'm seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (because I refuse to call it "Pirates 2") with Laura, Molly, and third time seeing it. After, Laura and I will most likely be watching a Sara Silverman stand-up DVD. Rock on.

Tomorrow, Eric and I (and anyone else who wants to come), will be having a mini-marathon of Superman, and Superman II...because I haven't seen them and it's difficult to discuss the most recent, Superman Returns, without seeing where it all came from.


And onto the "bad" (I'll make it quick):

I send my mother an email with the qualifications needed to become an "instate resident for tuition purposes" at UCF, and it looks as though I can't qualify until my Dad has been down there for a year. Which means that September of 2007, I can qualify for instate tuition, which means that not until Spring semester 2008 will I be able to pay the insanely cheap $3,500 per year. That means I have another $39,000 to pay for the next three semesters. Which means I will be about $100,000 in debt before I even graduate. Which means that I should have stayed at Indiana, because if I'm going to pay these insanely high prices, I should be getting a good education, in a good program, in a place where I had friends...rather than the shitty education at a shitty school in shitty Florida.

Mom's reply:
Oh man, I don't know what you should do.
I sure wish I'd win the lottery and we could pay off your student loans and you could pay for the next two years of school too.
Should I rob a bank? :o)

Ever helpful, that one.

Done. I'm done with it all.

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