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My dream last night was both odd and not restful

The part where I remember it starting, it was night and I was outside in a residential area and I see these two people making out in the light from a street lamp. One of the people was a hybrid of my two bosses at work, Nicole and Megan. The boy was sort of a melding of three different people I know. I realize in the dream that I had been having a relationship with the boy, but in a "behind closed doors" kind of way, so while we had been sneaking around in shadows, he was able to have an actual public relationship with this other girl.

I get angry, and upset, and every other girly emotion possible and so I nudge passed them, knocking them apart and mumbling something about needing to do work right there. Then I started running away as fast as I could. I remember wishing that I was being chased but being to nervous to look back (in case there wasn't anyone there). My destination was "Western" which I know as a street in Lake Forest. In the dream, I was thinking "great, now I'm lost in Lake Forest" but I knew it was too late to call my dad or anyone to get picked up/directions back.

Dawn started to break as I ran through streets lined with big houses, and though a playground. Eventually, I get to a train station and there is a train sitting on the tracks, supposedly going to Fox Lake (the direction I would take to get to my sister's house). The hybrid-boss girl is standing there when I arrive and gives me a sympathetic smile and says "I'm tired. Let's go home."

I pause as I look down the tracks and notice another train coming into the station, but going in the opposite direction (Chicago). I don't remember if I said it aloud, or if it was in my head, but I knew that I was going to take this second train, far away from home and the situation I was in.


Most obviously, this dream is about my inability to deal with problems, my active avoidance when it comes to serious issues, and my wish that I could entirely escape those situations and go somewhere completely new. Also, my fear of being betrayed/stabbed in the back, as well as the deeper fear that no one would care enough to make the "big effort."


I'd like my life to be simple now.

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