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One minute you're waiting for the sky to fall, the next you're dazzled by the beauty of it all...

Two good nights in a row.

Friday's dinner at Cheesecake Factory was good, and smaller than anticipated (good for lessening my anxieties) and only one person I didn't know on a personal level. Superman Returns after was less familiar people, but not awkward because we were only sitting together in a dark space (no interactions necessary). The movie was alright. I don't like the IMAX format much and the 3D was undesirable and worse...unnecessary. I'd like to see the film again in a traditional format before I bash it entire. It wasn't as bad as Spider-Man 2, but it was blandish and the plot seemed to take a back seat to the detail of characters and interactions. Cool, but boring.

Today, Patty tried to get me to hang out down in Deerfield, but because the plan was sketchy at best, I bailed in favor of watching the France vs. Brazil World Cup game. Patty called later with a slightly more solidified plan, so I ventured out and ended up playing cards at Maplewood Park and then going to Bennigan's for a late dinner. Decent discussion was had, including on the topic of Superman Returns and I have an unofficial plan to watch the original three (and maybe the fourth, if we're feeling adventurous) Superman movies. It's also possible that I have plans for the 4th of July. Rock.

And now, I'm a bit tired, so I'll be watching the rest of the France/Brazil game (I TiVo'ed it...France is currently up 1-0 in my world) and then getting to bed.

Notes to self:
- Make important phone calls (especially the ones to UCF)
- Decide on life plan
- Hunt down Laura and Candace to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest this week (Thursday at midnight?)

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