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So not only did one of my good bras decide to expel its underwire and therefore become useless to me (as I believe I mentioned previously)...but my good jeans tore in a slit along the inner thigh. Dammit. That's the worst place for a hole, due to rubbing and chaffing. At least knee holes can be hip and look cool.

I just spent $90 on three new bras...and I'm afraid I'll have to spend another $90-ish for a couple new pairs of jeans (because when one goes, they all go. It's like light bulbs).


I haven't even gotten my first paycheck and it's already being spent. (Credit cards = DOOM!)

Oh, and I totally forgot to go through UPromise, so I don't get my 3% on the Victoria's Secret order. Fuck me.

EDIT: But thanks to Gap's amazing sale currently going on, I just order 4 pairs of jeans (I'll probably return at least two, depending on how they fit) for $110, when the original prices added up to $235. Rock on, Gap. Now let's hope that I like at least one, because I hate returning things...


On the upside, today (before the jeans incident) I bought:
- Imagine Me & You DVD
- Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang DVD
- "Any Given Thursday," John Mayer CD
- "Taking the Long Way," Dixie Chicks CD
- New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo DS game

Mmm...Best Buy.

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