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Check your pulse, it's proof that you're not listening to the call your life's been issuing you...

So not only did one of my good bras decide to expel its underwire and therefore become useless to me (as I believe I mentioned previously)...but my good jeans tore in a slit along the inner thigh. Dammit. That's the worst place for a hole, due to rubbing and chaffing. At least knee holes can be hip and look cool.

I just spent $90 on three new bras...and I'm afraid I'll have to spend another $90-ish for a couple new pairs of jeans (because when one goes, they all go. It's like light bulbs).


I haven't even gotten my first paycheck and it's already being spent. (Credit cards = DOOM!)

Oh, and I totally forgot to go through UPromise, so I don't get my 3% on the Victoria's Secret order. Fuck me.

EDIT: But thanks to Gap's amazing sale currently going on, I just order 4 pairs of jeans (I'll probably return at least two, depending on how they fit) for $110, when the original prices added up to $235. Rock on, Gap. Now let's hope that I like at least one, because I hate returning things...


On the upside, today (before the jeans incident) I bought:
- Imagine Me & You DVD
- Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang DVD
- "Any Given Thursday," John Mayer CD
- "Taking the Long Way," Dixie Chicks CD
- New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo DS game

Mmm...Best Buy.

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