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When I come undone, you bring me back again...

My sister's cat was just attacking my computer mouse. Hilarious.

No really....a cat...attacking a mouse. It's funny!


And I really miss my chubby Cici kitty.


Camp was not quite as disastrous as I had expected previously...however if the day progressed the way it started, I would have severely injured someone or something by 11am. I'm just glad we got to go swimming...they needed time away from our sucky new location. Maybe when the rain stops (which is unlikely by tomorrow's forecast) things will get better.


I have a lot of things I want to buy with my first paycheck. I haven't splurged, or bought anything even remotely fun and exciting for well over a month.

My list of possible fun things to buy includes:
- "Cars" soundtrack
- "Over the Hedge" soundtrack
- Dixie Chicks "Taking the Long Way" album
- John Mayer Trio "Try!" album
(the previous four from iTunes, most likely, because it will be cheaper)
- John Mayer "Any Given Thursday" live album
- "Imagine Me & You" DVD (releases Tuesday!!!!)
- "The New Super Mario Bros." Nintendo DS game
- Nalgene water bottle
- New bras (the underwire broke in one of my good ones. BOOO!)

Also, I owe Nikki $30 and Carly Schoenstadt $20 (but I don't know when I'll see her next).

So it's kinda a lot for my first pay check, especially considering that I have to also pay two credit card bills at the beginning of July. But...need stuff. I've been so good for too long...

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