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If you ever plan to motor West, take my way, that's the highway that's the best...

Camping was good, and because I'm lazy, tired, and about to call it a night, I'm just going to post the email I sent my mom this evening. It's my life, currently, in a nutshell. Have questions? Ask in comment-form. I'll respond as soon as I can.


[Camping] was a lot of fun. We got to our camp site (Rocky Arbor State Park in Wisconsin, about 20 miles North of Devil's Lake) late on Friday, so we were setting up tents in the dark and then went to bed soon after. Saturday, we got up early (Nikki and I were up at 7:30, the boys slept until 9) and then headed to Devil's Lake where we hiked a couple trails that run around the lake. They were "medium" difficulty but definitely harder than we expected. A lot of climbing and steep hills, and we had to navigate through rocks on the way down. It was fun though, and it took us less time than the map said it would...only 3 and a half hours instead of 4 and a quarter. It helped that it was overcast and sprinkled rain a bit, and cooler than we thought (65 degrees instead of 75) would have been much harder if it was hot and sunny. We hung around Devil's Lake for a little after finishing the hike, then went back to our campground. For the rest of Saturday, we played card games (mostly Hearts, which I'd played on the computer and Spades, a similar game), started a fire, cooked grilled cheese and hot dogs for dinner, and made Smores after it got dark. It started to rain harder around then so we all squeezed into one of the tents to continue our game. A ranger came by later to say that we were being too loud for quiet hours (oops) so we decided it was a good time to get some sleep. This morning, we got up around 9 and packed up the camp site. We were on the road home by 10:20. It ended up being a pretty short weekend because we couldn't take advantage of Friday (we were all working) and today we left early so we wouldn't hit traffic, but it was a good time anyway.

Tomorrow, work is going to be tough. Last week, we learned that there was asbestos at Wilmot, though nowhere near our camp rooms. This week, they are removing it all, so we were going to have camp outside under tents that are set up in the field at Wilmot, and across the street at Mitchell...but a bunch of parents complained and some were even going to be moving their kids to a different camp location. So the Park District decided to relocated all the camps at Wilmot permanently. We (and the parents) were told this on Friday, and tomorrow is our first day at our new site, the Park District building. We get half of the Oak room (which is the size of about a half-gym we have about a 1/4 of a gym-type space) instead of our 4 classrooms at Wilmot. We're also going to have to take a bus everyday to go swimming, instead of just walking across the street. It's most likely going to be pretty terrible, and it will be like that for the rest of the summer. Also, we have to get there early tomorrow so we can put up all the decorations and set up the room (all of which we took down on Friday after camp).

I'm going to be getting to bed soon...I'm still pretty tired from the weekend and knowing tomorrow is going to be hard makes me want a good night's sleep. I have a load of laundry in the dryer so once it's done, I'll have clean pajamas and I'll be able to sleep in a nice cozy bed instead of the hard ground. That will certainly be nice.


I added a line about sending my love to the family down there, but I didn't think it was necessary for this post.

Oh, and I took my Daddy to see Cars tonight. He enjoyed it. I still liked it, though parts seemed really long. Like...I want to go in and edit out some of the seemingly-ad-libbed business. Clear, concise, and to the point...that's how movies should be.

Also, the Kenny Rogers song "Daytime Friends" cracks me up. It's so upbeat, even though it's kinda depressing:
Daytime friends and night time lovers, they don't want to hurt the others, so they love in the night time and shake hands in the light of day.
I think what makes me laugh is the "shake hands" part. It's a little absurd, n'est pas? Either way, cheating with your husband's best friend should always warrant a song. Thank you, Kenny.

That's all for tonight. Thanks, y'all.

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