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We all knew we were in for a long, hard ride, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, it seemed...

For those of you playing along at home, work has been sub-par this week and is extremely frustrating. However, today was slightly better. I think my expectations keep sinking lower and lower into the ground, and thus the difference between my perceived suckitude and the actual suckitude are nearly non-existant. Cool...I guess?

Anyway, one reason for the sucking has been the lack of water. We have no direct bathroom/sink/water fountain access within our building due to construction and replacement of water pipes. Thus, we've had to use an auxiliary building when children need to pee, or get a drink (aka...every 15 minutes or so). It sucked especially today because it was raining all morning, so we walked through the rain to get to bathrooms.

Now, we have discovered, that there is asbestos in the locker rooms (other side of the building...though they are the bathrooms we've used the last three summers at camp...rock on. I could get cancer!) and thus, we need to leave the site for four days. Originally, we were going to be under a tent in a field at Mitchell Park. But there was a mistake on the letter sent home to parents, so instead, Scampers will be there, and we get a tent in the field at Wilmot. Kinda nice for us...less moving...but really shitty because Scampers (younger kids than my 6-year-olds) are being forced to set up far away from camp and their parents are going to have a crazy/hectic drop off pick up. Stupid Park District.

BUT WAIT! There's more!!! Now there are talks of moving our camp, not to a tent, but to the Park District. Not in the building, because all the rooms are taking up with So Big, Sun 'n' Fun, and Art Camp, but probably outside. And not just for four days, but for the REST OF THE SUMMER. I'm not excited. However, camp is always more interesting with some "roll with the punches" type of obstacles (see: Last Summer's Construction on Deerfield Road).

I'm starting to care less and less.

Oh, and I had to console more criers today. WTF? I don't like crying kids...but apparently the other counselors see them as a plague and avoid them as such. So Gail goes to the rescue. Oy vey.

Also: I filled out my first accident report of the summer. I made it three and a half days...not bad. And I already have a tan line around the goddamned Band-Aid I have to wear over my eyebrow piercing. Side note: another counselor has visible tattoos and she hasn't been told to cover them up yet. I'm slightly pissed.


Enough about work...I'm heading down to Deerfield soon, probably chilling at Barnes and Noble for a bit before picking up Johnson for dinner. Yay.

And Zoe: I haven't watched any of the "Queer as Folk" yet because when I'm not working, I've either been out or sleeping. Maybe next week I'll get a chance, but my free time seems to be harder to find than a needle in a haystack. I love you and I'll try to find time to chat with you soon.

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