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So the past two days of camp have kinda...in a word...sucked ass. But today was better. Better in that we had more crying children, more chaos, more stress...but I was expecting it to suck and it did, so that was better than thinking it would be alright and having it suck.

Get it?

Anyway...we have a few criers, a TON of I'm-not-going-to-do-what-you-tell-me-to boys, and a couple space cadets who rarely seem to enter our world of camp and prefer instead to live in their own heads. The counselors are getting a little frustrating. They rarely join the games with the kids, and more rarely go out of their way to do their job. Our biggest problem is currently getting campers into the songs/games/activities and while I'm more than happy to encourage and bribe the children to participate...it's hard to do when I'm also consoling a crier, explaining rules, helping the NSSRA with her kid, setting up art, taking attendance, finding a place for a kid to join, and trying to set a good example to the other counselors of participating in games. Too much for one person, I'd say.

And then after camp, my two bosses were discussing how it felt like they did nothing today and that it was an "easy" day. Why the fuck can't I be site director?????

Seriously. I did a shit load of work today, but they get the recognition and higher paycheck. Stupid ass Park District.


Anyway. Tonight should be dinner or something with Nikki and Allie (before Al leaves for New Hampshire for the rest of summer). Also, I need to go grocery shopping for stuff for my camp lunches. Tomorrow, I'm hanging with Johnson and hearing about his college orientation (aww...he's all growed up!). Then Friday, we go camping. Note to Gail: buy beer (and other bottled alcoholic beverages).

So I'll be back around the computer world on Sunday (most likely).

There is no break for the Gail. She goes and she goes until her feet fall off and her head collapses from the weight of heavy eyelids.


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Jun. 22nd, 2006 04:59 am (UTC)
I must mention, good subject title / song.

Hang in there with both the campers and your fellow counselors. I mean, there's nothing you can do about the Damn it! -ness of the site directors lounging while you're struggling, but you can try to get the other counselors more into it. Not right now, when it's still hectic, but in a week or so. Things will level out. Maybe you've just been around old kids all year and you've forgotten how much little kids are a pain in the damn ass? Probably not, okay, but still, It's 1am and I'm trying, yeah?

Ummm... have you been watching Queer as Folk? I totally want to bond over it. So, in the words of a valley girl, Call me, k?
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