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Somebody slap me, I'm being domestic again!'s really good.

The mother and children left this morning for Florida. They will all be there for 7 weeks...the duration of camp, ironically enough. Anyway, the lack of them means that the house is a mess, but that I have a room again. So I washed the bedding (get rid of all those mommy germs) and I did my laundry. I moved some of Zoe's clothes around and took over half a dresser drawer and the main bar in the closet. own space, a house that will stay clean when I'm done with it, and less mouths to feed. What isn't to love?

In other news, camp today was slightly hellish. I drank two Diet Pepsi's upon returning home so that I could avoid taking a nap. We have a lot of kids who seem to not want to listen, and a few who seem to want to make it their raison d'etre to be obnoxious.

But water off the back. It was the first day. The next 33 will be good, I'm sure.

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