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I'm never gonna catch my breath, say goodbye to those who knew me...

Some quick, random things before I get on with my day:

Celebrity birthdays:
- Paul Giamatti (39)
- Jason Isaacs!!!!!!! (43)
- Harvey Fierstein (52)

I think I need to watch Chamber of Secrets (the most Lucius Malfoy airtime) in honor. Damn, I really love him.

I think the 6-6-06 date is pretty cool...especially because it only happens once a century....which I suppose could be said of any date with a two-digit year. But still. Cool. Will not entice me to see The Omen, however. Though very little could. (I do have one scenario in mind, but it involves a very hot man and not watching the actual movie...)

I'm getting more and more excited for The Prairie Home Companion, though I don't want to get my hopes up because Robert Altman is very hit-or-miss with me. Mmmm...Gosford Park.

And now, I start watching some of those movies I mentioned TiVo'ing the other day. Right now, I've got The Conversation queued up and ready to go. Yay Gene Hackman.

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