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So there are very few things I know about my future or even what I want my future to be...but I was watching Office Space today with my nephew (he's 12, so it was semi-inappropriate for his age, but oh well) and they bring up the idea of "if you didn't have to work, what would you do" and then that should determine what you actually do with your life.

What would I do? Watch television shows and movies, discuss them, and enjoy them to the fullest.

So it's right that I should be a film major. And while I'm still terrified of what the film industry holds, I just watched Toy Story on ABC, and there was a sneak peak at Cars and a look inside the Pixar Studios (it's their 20th anniversary this year, though now it's a part of Disney), and it just made me giddily happy.

If there is such thing as a dream job out there, I think mine is working for Pixar.

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