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Britney Interview @

Britney on her upcoming movie and tour

Britney on working with Justin and her album to be released

Some highlights:

MTV: Do you find similarities between your life and this character?

Spears: No. I think Lucy and Britney are very different, but there are some things that are similar. Lucy is very naive. She's very dorky. I hope I'm not that dorky, but she keeps to herself a lot. She writes in her journal a lot. I do that, too.

MTV: You recorded a song with your boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, for your new album. How was that?

Spears: Justin and [choreographer/songwriter] Wade Robson wrote it for me, and it's called "What It's Like to Be Me." It's a very cool song. It's very rock, and Justin did the background vocals on it.

MTV: You also cover Joan Jett's hit "I Love Rock 'n' Roll." Can we say that this album is going to have a little more of a rock feeling?

Spears: I think so, yeah. It definitely has more of a rock flair.

MTV: Does that mean you're moving out of the pop area?

Spears: Pop music is popular music. I'm just bringing pop music to a different level. It's always going to be pop music. That's what I love to do. I love to dance, and pop music incorporates that. I'm just bringing it to the next level. Trying. [Laughs]

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