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I'm back in Illinois.

For those who didn't last couple posts were from Ohio, where I stayed for a few days. Fun was had, DVDs were watched.

I came back to Deerfield first, and stopped by the high school to find an Eric and invite him to dinner. Though everyone knows that "stopping by" actually means "chilling for over three hours" which is what I did. Jordie Blumenthal was there as well, crazy non? So I chilled with him and Eric, then with just Eric, then Tommy Nolan came in, and Caitlin joined. It was much like being back in high school....the good parts, at least.

Anyway, the evening went in a decidedly different direction than I had thought, we (me, Eric, Caitlin, Nikki) ended up at the Apple Store in Northbrook Court, then had food court dinner and saw United 93. Not quite the "dinner with drinks and chatting" I had cooked up, but acceptable.

And now, I'm going to bed, because I drove for 5 hours this morning, and I haven't been "home" since Sunday at noon (106-ish hours), so I need to relax. And my jaw's the place I carry a lot of tension. Jaw and shoulders...they hurt too.

Oy. Bed.

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