Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

I am walking out in the rain and I am listening to the low moan of the dial tone again...

Charlie posed the question: what are your five most favorite movies?

This is nearly an impossible list to compile, not only for my love of films and laundry list of ones I enjoy, but also for the classification of "favorite." How does one determine a favorite film? Must it be well acted and directed, with a stellar script and excellent sets? Or can it be something terrible and campy, loved merely for the simplicity, humor, or overall joy it brings? Do I create a list full-up of pretentious favorites where I can name-drop directors and insightfully comment on themes? Or do I tone it down to those few delightful romps I must view every few months.

Recently, I generated a list of the movies that I watch at least 4 times a year, and it is as follows: Casablanca, Bring It On, Jurassic Park, Love Actually, Ocean's 11 (Ocean's 12 can be substituted once every three viewings for the addition of Eddie Izzard and Vincent Cassel), Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story (or Toy Story 2, depending on mood). This is essentially my "desert island" list.

However, not all of these would make a list of my "most favorite movies" and indeed, hardly any do. And a list of favorites does not include the somewhat harder-to-watch frequently films like Chinatown or La Dolce Vita, which are sure to top my pretentious list. And the Disney films I grew up with are hard to place, as I love Cinderella for the fairy tale, and Alice in Wonderland for the fantasy, and just about every major full-length feature from Snow White to Lilo & Stitch, plus all the Pixar films. And what about the movies that defined my generation, like Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You?

And to compile such a list, do I take film from each category (pretentious foreign feature, animated family comedy, social-statement drama, and so on)? And what if my foreign choice is actually a trilogy?

I've been trying, but this question requires a lot more thought. So far, I only have two. Certainly, I will sleep on it.

My five "most favorite films" (in no particular order):
- Almost Famous
- Casablanca

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