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You left your thumbprint inside me now for months it seems, but mine only brushes your soft surface.

I am making my triumphant return after 38 hours of debauchery and deviancy. Here's the rundown:

Friday Afternoon
- Lunch at Panera with Zoe, Laura, Jenny, and Amanda. It was good...they put tomatoes on my sandwich when I specifically asked for "no tomatoes" but it could have been worse
- X-Men: The Last Stand with Zoe, Laura, and Amanda. The jury is still out. There were parts that I liked, and I would feel much better about the entire thing if I knew there was a fourth installment on the way. Otherwise, there were certain things that pissed me off and I can't deal with (Mystique, as a huge one)
- Jamba Juice with Laura, while Zoe was at the DMV getting her new Over 21 license. Much talk of movies and TV shows...quite excellent. Except that she really needs to get into the West Wing, because I'm convinced she would love it
- Best Buy with Zoe and Laura. They both got Pride and Prejudice (it's about damn time!) and I bought The Talented Mr. Ripley because it was $6 and Zoe said she'd buy it off me if I decided I didn't like it
- Zoe's house to watch an hour of Pride and Prejudice before we had to leave

Friday Evening/Night
- Dinner at FlatTop in Evanston with Zoe, Amanda, Laura, Caitlin, Nikki, Pat, Charlie, and two of Zoe's school friends
- Liquor store with Zoe (while Patty and Chazz waited outside) to buy non-flavored vodka and Mike's Hard
- Chazzie's apartment where we were joined by Molly D. and Amanda's friend Audrey. Drinks were had, singing was attempted ("that's cool with me, it's not my favorite but I'll do it for you"), chatting dominated, and slight chain-smoking occurred. A few of the over-21's hit up a bar, while the rest of us chilled. Eventually, everyone left to various places and Zoe and I hung around with the Chazz. We chatted, and got to bed around 3:30am.

- Zoe and I wake up and evacuate Chazz's around 11:30. Pounding headache commences
- Wait over an hour for a train to take us from Evanston to Highland Park
- The lovely Laura picks our sorry asses up and we all go to Potbelly. Turkey and swiss, chocolate shake, and ice water were had. Headache continues
- Zoe's house where she and I watch the rest of Pride and Prejudice (and get Tylenol for headache)
- Michael Johnson's grad party where Zoe and I feel insanely old, but we get plenty of Johnson time and (at least I) feel like the "cool friends." Oh, and I had an incident with the chocolate fountain and got chocolate on my shirt, jeans, and Johnson's floor. Whoops
- Steph's grad party (tout seul) where I met her boyfriend and another friend from school, and various family members, including children. I chilled with Steph's friends a bit ('twas good) and even played frisbee with the children (ages 7-10-13-ish). Also imbibed at least 5 glasses of sangria (headache gone!)
- Back to Deerfield to pick up Zoe and Johnson and head to the Blockbuster where we rented GoldenEye before returning to Zoe's house to watch it. Small amount of chatting as well
- Take Johnson home and return to Antioch...whoa

So in the course of today, I went from Evanston, north to Deerfield/HP, north to Gurnee (so very close to Antioch), but alas, went back south to Deerfield/HP before finally heading all the way north in Antioch.

And I realized while scribing the events of my days that most of the readers of the journal were there for at least part of it. Oh well, it's all mostly for my reference anyhow...because my memory sucks ass.

Tomorrow, I need to do laundry and pack a bag so that at noon, I can head down to Deerfield and pick up Zoe to drive to Ohio. There I will stay for a few days, returning to this area by midday Thursday so that at night I can go out with Eric, Caitlin, Nikki, and Carly (tentatively).

Rock on. Fun was had. Fun is yet to come.

Love and kisses.

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