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I saw Da Vinci Code this morning, and I enjoyed it much. It's been well over a year since I read the book, so I remembered next to nothing, and I can't comment on differences between the two. But overall the experience was's my favorite genre, so of course there was much rejoicing with the chasing and the figuring and the puzzles and the intrigue. Plus Sir Ian was stellar! Paul Bettany was near-non-existant (but as a "ghost," I suppose that makes sense). Jean Reno was juicy and Audrey Tautou was a near-perfect choice. Tom Hanks was right on target, per usual. Seriously, if you catch his recent "Inside the Actor's Studio" in rerun, WATCH IT. I think I actually DID orgasm. I have this thing for talent...

Tonight, I watched The Lost World: Jurassic Park from Netflix, and let me tell you...the cast rocks! I had no idea. I knew Julianne Moore was in it, I didn't realize that Richard Schiff (TOBY!) and Vince Vaughn were co-starring as well. Of course, the first movie was better, but this one provided a lot of laughs. Jeff Goldblum is my hero. And I'd totally do him. Is that wrong?

Tomorrow, I plan to take the kids to Over the Hedge, though maybe we'll hit up Walgreens for candy before the movie. Because it's expensive, dude, and kids don't understand the absence of candy when every other family is in the concessions line. Oh well. Further, next week will be $$$ as we go out for drinks and have mad party for the Zoe and Amanda birthday celebration. Though it should be less expensive if we're cutting out the bar-hopping.

Movies and money. I think that's all I talk about anymore. I think that's all I think about anymore...oh, and television, but we can group that in with movies.

Welcome to summer, folks.

I miss my kitty. She's fat and lazy and not nearly as attentive as my sister's cats, but I love her all the same.

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