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First, DB Sweeney guest starred on "House" tonight? Why wasn't I informed of this before? You're all fired.

[It's a good thing I already had it set to TiVo, so I did not actually miss the show. You can all be rehired, but I want you to think about what you've done.]

Second, celebrity birthdays: Pierce Brosnan (53), and David Boreanaz (37). Yum.

Finally, summer movies I am SUPER excited to see (in order of release):
- The Da Vinci Code (duh)
- Over the Hedge (yeah, I said it)
- X-3 (rowr!)
- The Break-Up (oh, the Jennifer Aniston is too much)
- Cars (Pixar = love)
- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (*giggles like a little schoolgirl*)

Movies I wouldn't see if you paid me (well...maybe if you paid me, but it would have to be AT LEAST $100):
- The Lake House (seriously?)
- The Omen (though I give props for the effective use of the 06-06-06 date)
- Nacho Libre (just...say...NO!)

Jury's still out:
- Prairie Home Companion (Altman...hit or miss, I'll take my chances, I suppose)
- Superman Returns (I'll see it, but I don't know if I'll like it)
- Devil Wears Prada (I heard the book wasn't that good...why make a movie?)
- Miami Vice (I'm leaning toward no)
- Snakes on a Plane (...)

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