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I need a room. With a door.

Because this whole "sleeping in the living room/basement" is not working for me. I don't remember what it's like to have privacy. I have no where to escape. And my friends are currently extremely limited...since most are, indeed, out of town or out of country. There aren't even any good movies to see, so unless I want to have a bad movie fest day at the local Regal, I'm stuck here in hell.

To make things so much better, my niece Zoe might be having a sleepover tonight. Great...two 10-year olds running amuck.

Life is shit.


As an amendment: Aaron Sorkin rocks. Drug problem or no, he's amazing.

And I realized while watching The American President currently that I was discussing with Zoe last night a situation that I thought had occurred on "The West Wing" but was indeed from The American President. Eh, same thing? I was thinking of the "proportional response" thing (which is in both) but specifically of the action the president takes where he strikes a building in the middle of the night to get the least amount of casualties and says that it was "the least presidential thing he could do." I thought it was President Bartlet, but it was President Shepard. So I guess the "hitting a target with the least casualties" storyline from West Wing (end of season 5 in Gaza) wasn't terribly repetitive, because it was from a different subject...different medium, even.

The two blend together in my mind. They both have Martin Sheen, Anna Deavere Smith, Joshua's an honest mistake.

Along that vein, I will soon be finishing season 4 of West Wing (I'm on season 4, episode 11 - Holy Night). I know, I went a bit out of order for the sake of Jason Isaacs (he's in the end of season 5 and the first episode of season 6). But as a rule, I stop after season 4. It was the last season Aaron Sorkin wrote/directed. And thus, the last season that was really good. Dammit.

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