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The Da Vinci Code Quest on Google is over...I've finished all 24 puzzles. It's oddly disappointing. Yay for finishing, and all that...but I spent three weeks looking forward to the new puzzles being posted daily.

Oh well, now I just have to wait for the movie.

Which is another thing. Why couldn't they have lined it up so the last puzzle was on Thursday, May 18th, so that we could all get super excited about rushing out the next day to see the movie? Seriously? I have to wait 9 days? Bullshit.

In other news, Zoe and I had a mini-Lasse Hallstrom fest last night and rented Casanova and An Unfinished Life. The former was hilarious for how not serious the movie was, and there were clearly jokes for the 21st Century audience. Plus? Heath = hotter than hell. Oh my. The latter was good, in that it took its time and was deliberate. And Robert Redford = almost as handsome as Heath, but rugged and older and *swoon*. Jennifer Lopez was also not entirely offending (as she is in The Wedding Planner and Maid In Manhattan), and it was more like her early acting career (which was good--Out of Sight, Enough).

So success overall.

Oh, we also went to see 16 Blocks at the Buffalo Grove theater, which was actually pretty good. I love me some Bruce Willis and he was excellent as usual. Definitely worth the $1 it cost to get in.

So fun stuff.

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