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I had a dream about starting a new semester of classes, and I was going to be late to one and panicking.

I thought those were the kind of dreams one has...oh I don't know...a week before classes begin? Dude, I'm on summer for three months. Leave me the fuck alone! School sucks.

However, my grades were posted today for last semester. So maybe my subconscious remembered that, whereas my conscious forgot until I thought "something was supposed to be happening on the 9th...which is today." Wha-bam. Grades. Not great...2 A's, 1 A-, 2 B+'s. Oh well, I could have done much worse considering my performance on some of the tests and papers of the past semester. Especially in English (the A-),,,I'm pretty sure I was averaging a B- before the final paper. So apparently my paper kicked ass, or she liked me, or a little of both. Rock on. [In a related note, I'm guessing she isn't a "small minded person or bigot."]

Alright, enough for now. Plans for today:
- Hit the end of crew at the high school to find a Molly Davis (with Zoe?)
- The three of us (plus Johnson?) will head to Jamba Juice
- It's dollar Tuesday at Buff Grove Zoe and I will be seeing a crappy movie for $1!

BG movie choices are:
- The Hills Have Eyes (no)
- 16 Blocks (eh...I like me some Bruce?)
- Eight Below (even Paul Walker will not make a movie about a snowdog team better)
- Curious George (aww, I heard it was good-ish)
- Firewall (it was a mistake seeing it once, why would I go again? Oh wait, I would see it again, solely for Paul Bettany)
- The Pink Panther (stupid, I'm sure...but JEAN RENO!)
- Nanny McPhee (Emma and Colin! Mmm...Brits)
- The Matador (seen it, but would totally go again)]

So yeah. Happy Tuesday, y'all.

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