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So the America Telethon thing was amazing. I could not believe how awesomely it went. I cried at the stories. I cried at the songs. The whole thing was just very well done.

And....I just sent my sister about 5 e-mails....regarding the OTL article that's been going around lately. They are shown below...

subject: GAHHHHH!!!!
On the Line opens in Indianapolis today; Miramax chose the city as a test market. The national release is Oct. 19.

Why the hell are we not in Indiana right now, [Insert Cici Ann's real name here]??????????

*sigh* I guess I can wait. But....a whole bunch o' Journal girls are planning on tripping there (8 hours for them).

Oh well. 27 days.

subject: AND!!!!
"We just finished a song called On the Line for the movie. It's a really cool collaboration. It's me and Joey, and Richie Sambora and Al Green and Vitamin C, Mandy Moore and Christian from BB Mak."

Granted, it's no Mark or Ste....but it's Christian and Richie Sambora. *shrugs*

With a modest budget of about $12 million, all the movie has to do is attract the legions of 'N Sync fans to theaters to make money.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!! It's funny because it's *true*. Hee hee...we are "legions"...hee.

Last One....I swear....
He'd performed on stage with Michael Jackson, danced with Yoko Ono, saw sharks while snorkeling off Caicos in the Bahamas and moved into a new home.

"I love old-looking houses. Even though it's only four years old, it was built with old antique stuff, from old abandoned churches, things from France. The people that built it toured the world for years. It feels haunted. It's so me. It has a pool and a rose garden in the back."

He's looking forward to a few months off -- but even that time is chock-full of obligations, from promoting the movie to doing a CBS Christmas special.

He got a house...spiffy. I wanted to be snorkeling with sharks *with* him. Ooooo....Christmas Special....

Yeah, so I lie....wanna make something of it???
'N Sync's PopOdyssey tour was filmed for digital theater release this fall.

*SQUEEE* Mmmmm.....IMax......everyday....really *really* big mechanical bulls. *drools*

Yes, she will be bombarded when she checks her mail next. Hopefully tonight before bed.

And Ci? Ummm....don'tforgetthatBritneyticketsgoonsaletomorrowifyouwouldbeinterestedingoing...Iwouldn'tmindgoingwithyou...


Sep. 22nd, 2001 10:19 am (UTC)
My middle name is ANNE not Ann.

Thank you very much.

Hehehehe... JC... hobby... doesn't get to do it very often.... Thank you very much.

Sad, sad, sad.
Sep. 22nd, 2001 03:47 pm (UTC)
Re: HEY!
Sorry...it was late....I was loopy and stuff...hee hee!

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