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Quick update.

Moving in the sister has been going pretty well, but it's tiring. And it's only been two and a half days. Feels like at least a week. Today was even the "easy" day of shopping and hanging pictures/mirrors/wall knick-knacks. And it's still crazy exhausting.

Still don't know when I'm will depend on if Daddy has work on Monday. If he does, we're leaving on Saturday, and I'm trying to get him to drive straight through (18+ hours). He wants to stop the night. But if he isn't working Monday, we'll probably wait and leave on Sunday, and who knows about stopping the night?

I'm pretty dazed and tired. I'll be going to bed pretty soon after "CSI" is over.

And finally, Zoe -

Glenn Close
To Ioan Gruffudd (102 Dalmatians)
To Clive Owen (King Arthur)
To Helen Mirren (Gosford Park)
To Barry Watson (Teaching Mrs. Tingle)
To Rosanna Arquette ("What About Brian?")

That was too easy. Challenge me next time. ;-)

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