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So though I never say that I love you, I love you, darling I do...

Reuter's Oddly Enough news stories are excellent because it's like The Onion...but entirely true.

Rock on, Reuters.

My favorite today? Electronic vandals who programed signs in Toronto transit areas to read "Stephen Harper Eats Babies." (Stephen Harper is the Canadian Prime Minister.)

Funny shit, yo.


In other news, I'm out of my apartment for the summer. I took my last final last night, and so this morning I finished packing and moving out of my room. All valuables and necessities have been taken, leaving bedding, knick-knacks, some canned food, and books.

I'm now at the mother's house (again). After arriving today from Orlando, I went to help Emily and Tom move into their new house. Actually, all the unloading and "moving" had been done, but I helped to unpack and arrange. So now they are spending their first night in their very own house (with the cats).

Tomorrow morning, I get to wake up at 7:15, so that at 8am, I am at their house and ready to move and set 55-pound patio blocks...something like 40 of them. It's possible I'll have a hernia, or throw out my back, or collapse under the weight and lose a limb. Me = not excited.

But the upside is that we have a potential Disney day planned for Friday (I hope) or Saturday (boo, I want to leave on Saturday). My "return to Illinois" date is becoming less and less clear as the days progress.

I should be "home" for the summer...sometime between today and May 10th, plus or minus three days.

And now...bed. Because tomorrow promises to be long, hard, and painful.

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