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You have offended my faith and my trust until all is lost into the beauty of the day...

My Netflix queue is huge...469 movies, and still adding, of course. I'm contemplating upping my subscription to 4 at-a-time, just for the summer, otherwise cozying up with the Blockbuster in Antioch to get a few more in there. Upping the plan would be significantly cheaper, but Blockbuster gives me more time options, like not having to wait for delivery or returns.

Eh, I might end up doing both.

Top on my priority, though, is to get my essays done for my last final tomorrow. After that, I'm done for the summer and can concentrate on my next priority--finding a second job. (Though first I have to help my sister move into her new house for a few days, and then drive back up to Illinois.) I'm really hoping the Borders in Gurnee is both hiring, and willing to take me on for the summer. Ideally, I could work 9am to 3pm at the Park District and 5pm to 11pm at Borders. Plus weekends I could work at Borders. Maybe 12 hours a day will give me enough money to pay off my credit card bills, with a little left over for savings.

Maybe I shouldn't be looking forward to summer...

As a final note, it's Kirsten Dunst's birthday today and, in honor, I'll be watching Bring It On later. It really might be the best movie ever made. Yeah, that's right. I said it.

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