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*sigh* Just Remembered...

Ma meilleure amie, Allie, got asked to Homecoming today. She knew it was coming because Nikki told her that Ben was going to ask. Of course, she told me once she knew. (I was the only one in the know, other than Nik, who helped Ben with the plan).

He ended up taping a little bouquet of mums on her locker with a note attached. It was a poem. Rhyming and everything! They are going as "friends" (though he likes her more than that, and she's not sure - mostly just wanting a boyfriend though...she did give him a hug when she accepted though). Whatever, it's complicated.

I will not be attending Homecoming, because I will not be asked and I will not go stag. I hate going to dances by myself. It sucks. Blah. Wish I had someone to go with....

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