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The guy at Arby's forgot to ask me if I wanted Arby's sauce, and of course I forgot to ask, so there was no Arby's sauce with my roast beef sandwich and potato cakes.

However, I am highly resourceful and remembered that I had two packets of Mild sauce from Taco Bell left from earlier this week. As it turns out that, while the taste is not nearly the same, it is still acceptable. Mild sauce from Taco Bell tastes better on a roast beef sandwich than on potato cakes.

This also goes to show that I've been eating a bit too much fast food this week. It's a healthy week, I swear.

Eh, finals = I can eat fatty food.


In other news, whenever I got to pick up where I left off in my "West Wing" viewing...I always forget where I left off. I started on Season 4, Episode 3, "College Kids" and I've definitely seen it. Recently. Possibly twice. Recently.

Last I remember, the election had over (obviously, the president won), Senator Wyatt was pregnant and had been reelected, and Sam had shot himself in the foot by saying he'd run for the California seat of that dead guy that won with Will as campaign manager.

Yeah...I guess I'll be sifting through episode synopses on

[I think I'm on Season 4, Episode 9, "Swiss Diplomacy" but I will confirm that in three months when I go to watch West Wing again, I'll know where I was.]


Note to self: Don't forget to watch CSI tonight. I've missed it for the past two weeks...because I suck. This is why I need TiVo.

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