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Follow me into the desert as thirsty as you are...

So...I sort of started packing?

You know that stage where you basically just make a big mess and wind up with piles of crap all over your bed and floor?

Yeah, that's the stage I'm at. Though now I might have until Friday, which is stellar.

I did back up my hard drive and update my iPod, though. So my computer feels cleaner too!

- Review study sheet for FIL final (make sure I can write essays based on my notes, and practice is my head)
- Edit my English paper a second time, and make corrections
- Write a treatment for a script (eww)

And so. I will need caffeine, dinner, and an alarm set to wake me up for my final in the morning (class is usually at 9am, but the final's at 10! Woo, extra hour of sleep!)

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