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Hey! You! Get off of my cloud...!

How weird is this: my two checking accounts are exactly a dollar apart?

$134.46 and $135.46.

In what realm does that happen? I student loan account started with $20,000 and has been used to pay for tuition, etc. and my other account I've had for over three years and has fluctuated as I use it for everything. By this time next week, I'll have paid my May credit card bills and they will again be no where near each other.

That said...I'm broke. In two weeks I'll be back in Illinois and hopefully I can find a job!

By the way, finals start today, and so my class schedule (times and locations) has been royally fucked. I'm really worried I'm going to forget to go to my screening tonight tomorrow at 5:30 (class is usually Tuesdays at 3) in COMM108 (normal classroom is COMM145).

That information was purely to remind myself.

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