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I just submitted my request for absentee ballots...4+ months in advance (Florida primary is September 5th).

Yay politics.

And now...back to work. I have to:
- finish preparing for my Foundations of Story essay final. Eww.
- write my English paper on Gay Marriage. Oh joy.
- read the chapters for my Government class tonight. (Eh, that final is next week)
- write a treatment for a terrible script for Script Analysis

Oh, and dudes? I have a week left until summer vacation. Damn, that feels good.

However, while doing all my finals studying and paper writing...I have to pack to go home. Some of the stuff I can leave (I'm keeping my apartment next year), but all my big electronics, not to mention clothes, DVDs, certain books...all must be packed.

Ugh, I hate packing.

And I'm getting off topic. Me = working.

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