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My task (from Zoe, aka bravebunny):
In honor of Tom & Katie's baby being born and Brad & Angelina getting married, these are matches made up of exes:
- Mimi Rogers (Tom Cruise's ex-wife) to Joshua Jackson (Katie Holmes' ex-boyfriend)
- Juliette Lewis (Brad Pitt's ex-girlfriend) to Timothy Hutton (Angelina Jolie's ex-boyfriend)
- Nicole Kidman (Tom Cruise's OTHER ex-wife) to Billy Bob Thorton (Angelina's ex-husband)

Mimi Rogers
To Seth Green (Austin Powers)
To Ed Norton (The Italian Job)
To Ben Stiller (Keeping the Faith...that's for that)
To Matt Dillon (There's Something About Mary)
To Ryan Philippe (Crash)
To Josh Jackson (Cruel Intentions)

Juliette Lewis
To Giovanni Ribisi (The Other Sister)
To Nicholas Cage (Gone in 60 Seconds)
To Elizabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas)
To Kevin Klein (Soapdish)
To Timothy Hutton (French Kiss)

Nicole Kidman
To Chris O'Donnell (Batman Forever)
To Ben Affleck (School Ties)
To Billy Bob Thorton (Armageddon)

I have no cool theme, but I have some interesting pairs. :-)

Next up:
- Will Ferrel to Sigorney Weaver
- The Olson Twins (take your pick) to Kevin Costner
- Antonio Banderas to Judy Greer

Hopefully they won't be too easy.
Game on.

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