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According to my historical analysis, Bush should be succeeded by a democratic president in the 2008 elections (assuming that Cheney doesn't run).

Woodrow Wilson (D) - World War I - succeeded by Harding (R)
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) - World War II - succeeded by Truman (his VP), then by Eisenhower (R)
Harry S. Truman (D) - Korean War - succeeded by Eisenhower (R).
John F. Kennedy/Lyndon B. Johnson (D) - Vietnam War - LBJ was succeeded by Nixon (R)

So...Bush (R) - the...uh...war on terror? - should be succeeded either by Cheney (the VP) or (more likely) a Democrat.

The only president that lead us into a major war and was not succeeded by the opposite party was Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. For one, I don't think anyone could compare Lincoln to Bush (with the minor exception of them being the only Republicans to lead a war), and two, the Republicans were able to "wave the bloody shirt" and inspire votes by claiming that the democrats caused the Civil War and they shouldn't be in office (it worked for 20+ years).

Because we can't fault the democrats for causing the war on terror (well...maybe a little bit...damn hippie liberals), and I'm fairly certain Cheney won't run for the presidency...the Democrats should be golden.

Unless Cheney retires after the midterm elections (as wikipedia has stated he might) which case we might be in a spot of trouble. Maybe Bush will elect someone stupid, like Alan Keyes. Ya know...because it worked so well in the Illinois senate race. He got what...12% of the vote? Or he could bump Condi up to VP. Poor woman has become a mockery to herself.

A slightly troublesome bit of information: Jeb Bush will be retired as Governor of Florida this year. His term ends in November, and he cannot seek reelection. I doubt they would go for a trifecta, the name "Bush" typically scares me. The good news for this is that I get to vote for a new democratic governor in the fall!!!! And I can vote to re-elect incumbent democratic senator, Bill Nelson. Screw you, Red state!

Alright, enough politics. Because now I'm panicked about the 2008 election when, sadly, we have 2 and a half more years of Bush. Unless that whole "president elected in 0 years die in office" thing proves to be true...but whatever.

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