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If you ever plan to motor west, travel my way, take the highway, that's the best...

Hayden Christensen
To Kevin Klein (Life as a House)
To Joan Cusack (In & Out)
To Kate Hudson (Raising Helen)
To Adam Goldberg (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)

Kim Basinger
To Jack Nicholson (Batman)
To Kathy Bates (About Schmidt)
To Matthew McConaughey (Failure to Launch)
To Rob Reiner (EdTV)
To Paul Reiser (The Story of Us).

Jet Li
To Chris Rock (Lethal Weapon 4)
To Jason Lee (Dogma)
To Kate Hudson (Almost Famous)
To Naomi Watts (Le Divorce)
To Sean Penn (21 Grams)
To Nicole Kidman (The Interpreter)
To John Leguizamo (Moulin Rouge)


And for Zoe:
Keanu Reeves to Richard Dreyfuss
Olympia Dukakis to Tom Cruise
Morgan Freeman to Elizabeth Shue


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