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So Zoe and I have started a "Kevin Bacon Game" to speak.

Except that going back to Kevin Bacon is far too easy, especially when you use him too long.

So we take any two celebrities and connect them...usually through movies, occasionally through television.

I gave her the challenge of John Cleese to Anthony Hopkins, which she solved as such:
John Cleese
To Kevin Klein (A Fish Called Wanda)
To Jean Reno (French Kiss)
To Natalie Portman (The Professional)
To Julia Roberts (Everyone Says I Love You)
To Brad Pitt (Ocean's Eleven)
To Anthony Hopkins (Legends of the Fall)

I, however, deftly solved it as such:
John Cleese
To Gary Oldman (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)
To Anthony Hopkins (Bram Stoker's Dracula)

She then challenged me with Ed Burns to Colin Farrel:
Ed Burns
To Jennifer Aniston (She's the One)
To Clive Owen (Derailed)
To Christopher Plummer (Inside Man)
To Colin Farrel (The New World)

I just gave Zoe the task of William H. Macy to Samuel L. Jackson. I was able to connect them in three steps. I can post my solution after Zoe has figured it out.
Zoe's answer:
William H. Macy
To Frances McDormand (Fargo)
To Alessandro Nivola (Laurel Canyon)
To Samuel L. Jackson (The Red Violin)

My answer:
William H. Macy
To Steve Buschemi (Fargo)
To Julianne Moore (Big Lebowski)
To Samuel L. Jackson (Freedomland)]

Anyone else want to play?

I was bored in class today, and I solved the following:
Penelope Cruz to George Clooney
Nicholas Cage to Audrey Tautou (bonus points if you don't use The Da Vinci Code)

Feel free to leave comments with your solutions to these. Or give me a new challenge. I like challenges.

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