Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

All will be well, you can ask me how but only time will tell...

I'm watching Wimbledon, and I was under the impression that the German best friend (Dieter) was gay, because at one point Peter says his weaknesses are "sausages, Wagner, and men in leather shorts" but earlier in the film Dieter says that he might get lucky with an Irish girl he just met and later he's shown checking out a girl.

I like him better gay, but that's just me.


Other than that, life has It's shitty overall, with a bit of good sprinkled in. After class on Thursday, I met with Fayanne, her friend Emily, and my mom at Disney, which was a ton of fun. Friday was spent chilling with them and we had a family dinner last night. It was a bit hard, but oh well.

Today, the girls traveled back to Illinois. Tomorrow, we have an early dinner planned with the Spring Hill family for Easter, then I have to get back to Orlando. A test to study for on Monday.


Also, I had a really bad nightmare involving a few people from my high school theatre program and hate crimes against gays. Not pleasant.

Though I have internet back at my mom's (I didn't last week), but I don't feel much like chatting, so I won't be very talkative on AIM or my cell.

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