Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

And if only fools are kind, Alfie, then I guess it's wise to be cruel...

So my week of craziness is over. Almost.

However, I still have massive amounts of craziness to accomplish in the next two weeks. Because I have two weeks left of the semester. Crazy, non?

So to sum up:

- Finished my shitty film paper on All About My Mother. It was twice as long as it was supposed to be, and I'm worried I'll actually get marked off for that. But I didn't know what to revise. It seemed like I was rambling a lot, and restating points I had already made, but it's been my experience that when I think I'm saying too much of the same, it actually supports my paper. So we'll hope that I was really thorough, as opposed to long-winded.

- Along with the paper came a presentation. I had a loose outline of what to say (actually, I wrote it out verbatim). We were doing presentations today and next Wednesday, and I had already stressed myself out enough for one day, and I was able to volunteer right at the end of class, so I was the last to go today. It wasn't so good. I was horribly anxious and I think I may have been physically shaking. It was definitely apparent in my voice. Nothing calm, cool, or collected about it. I don't really know where I went wrong, but talking in class has become a horrific ordeal for me. It probably has a lot to do with being out of my comfort at least 1000 miles. Not to mention that my self-esteem has been lower than low for the past 4 months or so. The self-deprication is almost getting old. Anyway, the presentation is over. (On a small upside, after class, a cute girl complemented my analysis of Manuela.)

- The dreaded annotated bibliography was harder than I expected, but only because I expected it to be INSANELY easy. It was only moderately easy. It did force me to spend about an hour and a half in the library yesterday trying to find 3 relevant books. And our requirements were rather odd. 3 books, 2 journals, 3 online sources (credible), 1 newspaper article, 1 of our choosing (I used a movie). So I got a couple good articles from the NY Times, and Harvard Magazine. And I get to use the US Census as a source. The bibliography was a lot of bullshit and I don't know if I did it completely right. It's hard to say how a source will support the paper, when I don't yet have a thesis.

- My minor assignment for tomorrow was to read the script for Fargo (yeah...that's right), and write about a "problem scene." I'm not really sure what a "problem scene" is, but I made up some pretty decent shit that might be right. I chose the scene where the two kidnappers kill the cop and the two motorists on the highway. I said that the actions as written in the script were hard to visualize, and that it seemed too unrealistic. Obviously, movies can push the boundaries of realism, but that took it a bit too far for the established rules of that world.

- Tonight I was able to speak briefly on the phone with two of my favorites Zoes. And, in fact, the only two Zoes I know. My niece was bored, so I chatted with her as I drove home from class. Apparently now, in addition to ISAT (formerly IGAP) testing, they have tests that are administered on the computer and adjust the questions to the child's level of achievement. The way she explained it, people couldn't cheat off of each other's computers, because they'd have different questions. Interesting.

To do over the next two weeks:
- Study for PoliSci test on Monday
- Complete production notebook for Cinematic Expressions
- Create PoliSci extra credit question for exam 3
- Complete PoliSci Take-Home Final (should be handed out on Monday)
- Study the ACE for PoliSci Final extra credit
- Prepare answers for Foundations of Story Final
- Write English paper based on annotated bibliography
- Read the script Finders Fee and write a treatment
- Study for Script Analysis Final

I also need to hunt down my advisor and eat her soul. I'm probably at least 60th in line though...she has a special way of pissing people off and being extraordinarily unhelpful. I still don't have my fall schedule.

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