Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

Quick post...

I've been working uber hard all day, so when I came home from class/library, I took a half hour to eat dinner and decided to flip on the TV. I was hoping to find an episode of "Friends" but alas, it comes on at 8, the time that my break is over.


I have discovered that VH1 picked up "Love Monkey" and I just watched the second half of the pilot. Rock on. They are theoretically running episodes 2 and 4 now (the ones which aired on CBS), and will run episode 3 next Tuesday (previously unaired). And new episodes start next week -- April 18th.

According to, there are 8 episodes which have been filmed, so at least 5 previously-unaired episodes will run on VH1, before it fades into oblivion. No new episodes have been ordered.

But if the ratings are good...I have faith. Good television will prevail!!!

If you were ill for the three weeks "Love Monkey" aired originally...I became slightly enamored and was more than a little disappointed when CBS pulled the plug. Seriously, it's good. Check it out.

And now, back to the salt mines.

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