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I just did a half-assed, no, probably more like a quarter-assed job on Calculus. I really don't want to study Physics. I think I know enough of US. Maybe I'll read through my notes (more like start reading meticulously, change to skimming halfway down first page, and be lucky if I'm still reading by page three.)

We took a practice test in physics today. It was bad. I didn't do well at all. Still confused on graph straightening, and he was trying to explain stuff today and was screwing everything up, and just made me more confused. I extremely dislike him. I hate uncertainty. Who cares if we measured something with a +/- .01 cm. It's .01 cm, for god's sake! That's one tenth of a millimeter, can't we just forget about it?

Why would anyone want to be a science teacher? They suck.

Really need to get back to studying though. SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME!!!!!

[sidenote: Michelle Branch's "Everywhere" is on. Thanks to Cici, I can no longer listen to this.]

[Lance looks like I feel in this picture. He's being forced to do work he doesn't want to do. Look how bored and sad the poor puppy is. I pity the puppy.]

[The word "lance" was in my English reading, and on my French quiz today, I had to conjugate the verb "lancer". Hee lance...]

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