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Silly Family

I started my homework at 8:30. I swear, I did. Then at 9 (after I finished French and half of English) my family abducts my room. My parents and Fayanne had come down to look at some e-mails about the WTC and stuff that has been going on. Of course, it wasn't that easy. They talk. A lot. Not that I'm saying quality family time is bad, but I just kicked them out 15 minutes ago, and I still need to do Calculus and study for my tests still. This is so not good. I need sleep. I'm practically struggling to keep my mind focused on limits and epsilons and deltas, and why the hell x is undefined at 5. Blah. I really should get back to work.

Just saying that even when I plan on getting things done and doesn't happen. And it's not always my fault either.

God, I'm so tempted to read Journals right now. Really must do Calculus. Math sucks. Why do I need to know how to do this? Blah.

Fayanne has abducted my calculator for balancing her checkbook. Evil conspiracy. I will never finish my work!!!

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