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Look what you've gone and done, ruined everything for anyone who tries to steal this heart away...

You know what I realized today? I've never had a black professor. I had a black TA for a class (he was actually African). I've had a Russian art professor, and two French French professors (har har). But primarily, it's been a whole lot of white people.

Perhaps it's because I stared my college education in a Republican hick farming state, and now I'm continuing in a slightly less conservative Republican southern state. Perhaps those of you on the coasts (East or West, it makes no difference) have a more diverse teaching faculty?

It's just one of those things that makes you go "huh."


Also, I have witnessed a lot of anger today, and it's barely after noon. My professor this morning was having some sort of issue because he started yelling at late comers (something he never does). With one girl, he took her out in the hall to talk, then they went to the Department Head to talk with him. Like...whoa? I mean, I hate people who come in late, and it was distracting, but he took it a bit far.

Then, walking back from class to my car, there were two heated discussions occurring at two different construction sites on campus (we have a lot of construction).

Doesn't bode well, and makes me uncomfortable.


Last night, my class was cancelled due to an emergency for my professor. She sent out an email this morning saying a good friend of hers passed away and she needed to help with making arrangements, etc. Terrible.

Last night was the first night is about 3 days where I slept well. I've been tossing and turning and laying awake for hours at a time. Unfortunately at 4:11am, I was awoken by very loud, very drunk girls swimming in the pool (which is located almost directly under my window). What kind of person goes for a drunken swim at 4am on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning? It did feel good to get sleep though. The night before, I tried to bore myself to sleep by doing the reading for my film class from Robert McKee's Story, but alas. I actually got through the 60+ pages of reading without falling asleep. That's when I knew it was going to be a rough night. Yesterday, though, I was up at 7:30am, didn't nap all day, and only drank one can of Diet Pepsi, with lunch. And I stayed up until 12:30, so that may have helped the sleeping situation. We'll see how it goes tonight.


Tomorrow morning at 10am, I get to register for classes. I have my fall schedule mostly lined up (I think I'm going to take American Art instead of Art of the Last 25 Years, but then I'll have my first Friday class in 4 semesters). At the same time, I could be signing up for Spring classes, except that I need permission numbers for my film classes (a really stupid system that, as far as I can tell, only applies to the film department), but I haven't gotten those numbers yet because my advisor hasn't called me back. When I met with her last week, she said she'd have numbers available on Monday, so I called her Monday morning and left a message. I know that she's very slow at returning calls and email, so I give her Tuesday and Wednesday morning, try again. The voice mailbox is full. I tried again this morning, and it's still full. Now, I'll probably write her an email asking if she could send them that way (perhaps it will be easier for her?) and hopefully I'll be able to schedule my Spring classes. Otherwise, I'll have one (or two) art classes scheduled, and that's it. Oy.


I have a couple big papers due next week, and my sister, Fayanne, is going to be in town. I'm hoping to join her at Disney for the days that she goes. I guess we'll have to see about that later. I should be going to my Mom's this weekend to see her, but I'm waiting until after I schedule classes tomorrow. If anything goes awry, I'd like to be in the general area of the school. That, and I have paperwork to turn in after my initial registration so that I can take 18 credit hours (6 classes). At Indiana, I didn't have to get permission to take 6 classes...I did it all the time.


By the's April.

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