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My sister-in-law emailed me yesterday saying that (very sadly) the Betty Crocker catalogue is going out of business.

Now, I'm guessing that a lot of you out there don't shop from the Betty Crocker catalogue, or even knew that they have a catalogue. But indeed, it is a wonderful place for buying cake pans, silverware, and (the reason I shop) Fiestaware.

I have a collection of Fiestaware, that is currently residing in boxes in various locations (mostly my sister's house and my brother's house). For about two years now, I've been oogling the Fiesta fruit collection, which is only available through Betty Crocker. So today, I placed an order.

3 Luncheon Plates - Kiwi
3 Luncheon Plates - Watermelon
3 Small Bowls - Kiwi
3 Small Bowls - Watermelon
1 Oval Vegetable Bowl (12 1/4") - Kiwi
1 Oval Vegetable Bowl (12 1/4") - Watermelon
1 All-Purpose Platter (15") - Watermelon

Yay! Festive summer dishes! For all my summer entertaining...of 6 people or less.

Hey cicigreen! What's up with the points? I know that there used to be a pull-down menu for prices based on the number of points you had. But now there's only one price and it doesn't say anything about different price levels and points. If I send in a bunch, will I get a discount? Or can I not use my massive amount of points? HELP!!


Mar. 28th, 2006 11:00 pm (UTC)
With the one order I placed, it asked if I had points, then instructed me to mail them in.

OH NO! Are we not allowed to use points anymore??? I have a ton now!!!!

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